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Best Interior Ideas For Low Ceiling

Though roof ceilings are not exactly the main detail that you pay attention to when you first enter a house, but they do have a great impact in maintaining a spacious feel. Everybody knows that these are vital if you want to create that particularly warm and welcoming feel! As per recent trend, many house builder build the roof too low to make it budget friendly.  So, many people are reluctant to have ceiling because they believe the room with low ceilings may give you the impression of living in a small bird cage.

 What we know for sure is that they were always a challenge for interior designers. If you ever encounter this problem, we have some useful tips for you to make home look extensive while having low ceiling.

Right Choice of Furniture

Usually, when we choose the furniture for our home, we tend to make decisions based on what modern trends are going on, without considering functionality. Low profile furniture is perfectly designed for low ceiling houses, because it increases the space between the ceiling and the floor, making the room feel more spacious and breezy.

Add Mirror for Spacious Look

Just like a mirror, glass has the property of reflecting things around and this gives a lot spacious feel to your space.  That’s why a glass wall or a large window will increase the sense of space and will also provide natural daylight. Brighter is always better, especially in terms of interior design.

Decorate Your Walls

Any wallpaper with stripes and simple print will help to give a high roof effect. You can choose between using wallpaper, or, if you are too creative as you can simply paint them by yourself.

Glossy Paint For Catchy Effect

Glossy paint is rarely used on walls and ceilings, but rather to decorate different pieces of furniture, especially coffee tables. A major drawback would be the fact that it must be applied on a perfect shaped surface, or else it will highlight all the imperfections.

Use Bold Pattern Floor Rugs

Your interior can’t be impressive only by your ceiling; you have to add some other stuff, particularly to draw everyone’s attention with a bold floor rug. In fact, you don’t even have to use a rug; just try to keep the interest at the floor level by using Carpets with different kind of interesting patterns.


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