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7 Reasons To Install False Ceiling In Buildings

Ayesha Farooq

A false ceiling also known as dropped ceiling, suspended or grid ceiling. It has become a symbol of modernity and sophistication these days. When, people are well aware of the importance of a ceiling in a look and feel of their space. However, like other types of ceilings, false ceiling has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. 

Earlier, false ceilings were typically made of gypsum boards, but these days, it is easy to have false ceilings that are not only practical, but also add decorative touch. It has verity of materials from wood to glass and fiber to plastic, just about any material can be used for that ceiling.

Easy to Install:  It is very easy to install false ceiling with the help of professionals and right kind of tools. Although, you can install it by yourself, it needs little skill. However, it is advisable to get it installed by a professional contractor. Zebra Home Services is here, to find the best professional help for ceiling. 

Nice and Decorative Look: They can host sprinklers for fire emergencies or to insert lights, providing a smooth, organized surface, while hiding electric wires, pipes or duck work. A false ceiling gives clutter free neat and clean look. Plus, it gives a nice and classy interior designing effect in the whole building.

 Easy To Maintain: It is easy to handle the panels of a false ceiling in case of repair works. It is much more economical to install a false ceiling for roofs than to get the entire ceiling restored in case of damages as they are removable.

Noise Control: A false ceiling provides sound excellence in the building especially which is very important in hasty towns like Lahore with its sound absorption quality. It is designed in such a way that it adds to noise reduction therefore, give your space a quiet feel.

Energy Efficient: A false ceiling can prove to be energy efficient as it allows temperature control inside building and reducing heat during summers and cold during winters.

 Economic Value: As it helps to maintain temperature normal so, it helps in lowering the electric bills. It is easy maintained and removable in case damages therefore, it proves cost-effective. 


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